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Letter: Unacceptable library behavior

Unacceptable library behavior

A huge thank-you to Susan Keenan for the wonderful story hour she puts on at the Pitkin County Library. The teachers from Early Learning Center (and other programs) love to bring our children to listen. We review "the rules of the library" every time before we enter the building, so the children know what we expect of them.

All the kids (ages 2, 3 and 4) from the Early Learning Center were awesome listeners. It was a challenge, however, because there were a number of moms and nannies with children who don't seem to know that "sitting quietly and listening" is a rule at the library. There are some who think that story time is also a picnic time and the noise from plastic bags is one distraction and the eating is another.

I'm sure there is a sign somewhere that says, "No Food or Drinks in the Library." Not only that, those children who are eating are focusing on their food and not the story being read. It would be so much better for everyone if those moms and nannies gave their children a snack before coming to the story hour.

There are many places where a screaming child is not welcome — and the library story hour is one of them. Please take your child out immediately and explain the rules. Children can learn how to behave in different places and circumstances at the pre-school age. Those who don't learn this will be shocked upon arrival at kindergarten where their behavior will not be tolerated.

Mary P. Ballou

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