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Letter: Two ballot measures deserve support

The current ballot being mailed out is long and contains important questions at the state, county and city levels. While some are controversial, two measures for Aspen voters are not and deserve very broad support and passage.

Ballot Referendum 2A seeks approval to provide the City Council with greater flexibility in filling council vacancies. These include a provision to call a special election in the case of deadlock. It will eliminate a coin flip, roll of the dice or other game-of-chance solution to fill a vacancy.

Ballot Referendum 2B would impose term limits for cumulative years of service as a member of council and/or mayor. If approved, it will preclude the possibility of the same individual continuously circulating between council and mayor offices, election after election, without limitation (“Putining”).

Taken together, these two measures represent significant improvements in governance and best practices on the part of City Council. They are the result of multiple work sessions and public hearings in which numerous alternatives were considered before the final measures were unanimously passed. Importantly, there was no negative opinion expressed by anyone with the final results.

In short, there is every reason to support these two ballot questions. Vote yes on measures 2A and 2B.

Neil B. Siegel


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