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Letter: Turning the tide of the healthcare industry

I continue to be amazed that we have yearly checkups for dreaded diagnosable diseases but no assessment of the basic essential nutrients and components to build the immune system to keep it strong, thus resisting antibiotic-resistant viruses. To find the weakest link in the chain and fortify it nutritionally is a major factor in optimal health. The assessments are available (created by NASA in the 1950s and ’60s, when America was striving to beat the Russians with the first human in space) but rarely used. Is it because to do so would not provide the coins to the coffers of the large pharmaceutical companies, HMOs and major insurance companies? I think that we all know the answer. If anyone can find the solutions for the community of Aspen, it will be Jon Peacock and his inquisitive mind and the expertise of his team. Their results could turn the tide of the health care industry for an improved quality of life and lowered health care costs for the entire nation.

May this be done for the best and highest good of all.

Jan Barton Hamilton

Dietitian and certified nutrition specialist at American College of Nutrition and president and CEO of Nutritional Biomedicine, Aspen

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