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Letter: To vote or not to vote

To vote or not to vote

To vote or not to vote, that is the question. We’re facing enormous social and environmental problems right now, but none of the candidates are talking about the root cause of it all, which is our economic system based on infinite growth on a finite planet, fueled by ever-increasing consumption (and waste), and using up our resources as fast as we can, just to serve a fictional and outdated money game.

Does anyone really believe we can go on like this? Because it’s just so irresponsible, destructive, foolish — and utterly unsustainable. But it’s what this system requires, and the consequences are simply inevitable: Growing poverty and inequality, decreasing public health, the Central Bankers’ Ponzi scheme of exponential debt, our ecosystem in a state of decline and don’t forget the never-ending wars for corporate profits.

These problems are not immutable. They can be fixed, but not from within this system. Alternatives exist, like the “Collaborative Commons” or a “Resource-Based Economy,” but these solutions are completely ignored by the mainstream media, our political process and our candidates. Oh well, I suppose I’ll vote for GMO labeling and a woman’s right to choose, but I don’t expect any substantial changes. The energy companies will buy favors to circumvent any annoying legislation, and Monsanto will continue to genetically alter our food for short-term profits (without long-term testing) while we invent and create new enemies for the next war. Because this is precisely what this system produces, like it or not. I know, I don’t either.

Steve Saylor


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