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Letter: To clear the air

I just want to clear the air. In an article written by Rick Carroll (“Wells Fargo drive-through in Aspen a casualty of moratorium,” The Aspen Times, July 12) correctly citing the moratorium and city rules on the ban on drive-throughs in Aspen, several letter writers have conflated the issue to be about idling and the city’s role. The city did not shut down the drive-through. That was Wells Fargo’s decision. The bank simply requested that it be able to go from a teller-manned window to an ATM. Unfortunately, this change would require an application that is subject to the moratorium and other rules.

This issue is not about idling, either. The city has never given a ticket for idling vehicles at Wells Fargo. We do encourage drivers to turn off their engines if the wait time is more than five minutes. Wells Fargo has supported the city in educating its customers about this issue. We support anti-idling campaigns in many forms and because of this we enjoy very clean air in Aspen. If customers are concerned about the drive-through service at their local bank, maybe the bank can address those issues.

C.J. Oliver

City of Aspen environmental health and sustainability director

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