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Letter: Thumbs down to the city during the USA Pro Challenge

Did anybody in the city ever read the Americans With Disabilities Act? It states that no handicapped parking may be blocked by special events. You blocked almost every single handicapped parking space, except for two by the gondola, in Aspen for this race. Don’t you realize under federal law that this is not allowed and carries very serious fines and charges to the city, let alone lawsuits from the disabled? You even blocked off the four handicapped spots next to the Catholic church with leaking portable bathrooms blocking each spot. How disgraceful and disrespectful.

And Aspen only has 35 percent of the handicapped parking that is required by the ADA for this city. And none except for two in the city have the correct parking width for the handicapped parking (must be 8 feet wide for standing and 12 feet wide for handicapped van spots). You even blocked off one handicapped parking spot on restaurant row for the darn rent-a-bike program.

Stop treating real people who live here like we don’t matter.

Earl Williamson


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