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Letter: Thoughts for Basalt’s Town Council

I truly hope I am off base, but it would appear that by some combination of willful purpose and insidious craft, Basalt’s Town Council has allowed or created a highly intolerable working environment for Mike Scanlon, our town manager, now tragically departed!

In the estimation of many, it’s an immeasurable loss to Basalt’s future and an equally immeasurable loss of public confidence in the Town Council’s ability to manage issues wisely.

By all measures, Mike was a gifted administrator, implementer and visionary whose imprint and counsel always steered to a balanced resolve of community challenges. His organized commitment to civic wellness was a positive imprint guided by fiscal smarts, impartial judgment and an irreplaceable level of experience! His evenhanded, professional patience was a hallmark behind an amazing depth of professional qualities!

In short, he made the Town Council look good — a portrait that could now unravel with the distinct possibility of serious setbacks to governance and community traction.

I urge that both Mike and the Town Council put the divisive past behind and re-engage Mike’s invaluable leadership. Clearing the air takes courage and vision, but fresh starts can translate to a plan of renewed civic vitality!

Larry Yaw


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