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Letter: The world’s not becoming unglued

The world’s not becoming unglued

For those who think the world is becoming “unglued,” consider the following:

1. The Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago.

2. The Soviet Union came down at the same time.

3. The Cold War ended.

4. There is no threat of a third World War.

5. The European Union is in lockstep with America.

6. Unemployment is at an eight-year low, less than 6 percent.

7. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low.

8. There is international cooperation to fight terrorism.

9. The stock market is at an all-time high. Good for 401(k)s.

10. Israel will have a new government soon, devoted to peace.

11. I’m very happy.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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