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Letter: The two-wheeled kings of the road

The two-wheeled kings of the road

Comrades: We drivers have a problem. Bikers have the “right of way” at all intersections. They can go through stop and yield signs with impunity. As you approach an intersection with no stop sign, you better stop. Why? The road bikers are “king of the road.” They, by Aspen law, can go flying through a stop sign when you don’t have to stop. Furthermore, you are to stay at least three feet from a road biker, even though a paved path is five feet away. So, comrades, if you hit a biker going through a stop sign, it is your fault because you violated the three-foot rule.

Is this getting crazy or what? A road biker, even though there is a million-dollar path within five feet, can force you off the road. Comrades, don’t forget the three-foot rule.

Sometimes road bikers are two and three abreast when there is a path five feet away. You may have to go at their pace or drive off the road. They are the “kings.”

This is getting more crazy. I urge road bikers to have a number on their back so they can be reported to the police for endangering themselves and others by not using nearby bike paths.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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