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Letter: The one name explained

The one name explained

As I start my fifth campaign for mayor, there is always one question, understandably, that most people want answered: Why one name? Here is the story — I am happy to share it.

I was born Aug. 30, 1969. While my mother was pregnant, my parents were searching for a name — Courtney, Trevor, Trey — but they couldn’t quite decide. So, when I was born, and they were still undecided, and they gave me my father’s name, and I was Ronald Wayne Maranian III on my birth certificate. I am half Armenian and very proud of my family heritage.

Well, a week after I was born, my parents were having a cocktail party, and my dad was carrying a tray of drinks in glasses with the Union Jack, the British flag, on them. My dad turns to my mother and says, “Torre, that’s it,” inspired by the Tory Party, and my mother, Diane, agreed. Even my Armenian grandparents called me Torre.

My parents divorced, and my mother remarried to Bob DuBose. I grew up as Torre DuBose, but my legal name was still Ronald Maranian III. When I grew up, there were no other Tories, so I really was known as just Torre. I had always gone by Torre, and after speaking with my father, I changed my name 25 years ago. I love and respect both of my dads and have great relationships with them both.

It’s not always that easy to have one name, but it’s who I have always been. I did think of using, and it was suggested that I use, my last name for the election, but I believe in Aspen voters to vote on the issues and not that I have one name.



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