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Letter: The no-growth kidnapping

The no-growth proponents are set to present a petition to City Council requesting that a citizen’s commission be appointed as a part of the hiring process to fill the vacancy of director of the Community Development Department (they also want the word “development” removed from the department title). They are pivoting from contesting land-use applications into demanding a say in filling city positions. If successful, they will have kidnapped the normal hiring process within the city to insure that a like-minded person is selected to fill the post. Query, what other positions on the city organization chart are targeted as requiring a “no growth” litmus test as a precursor for employment?

What turns this bald attempt at a power grab into the bizarre is that one of the initial backers is Bert Myrin, a sitting member of council. Bert is petitioning himself to not exercise the authority the voters gave him to make reasoned judgments on filling vacant positions. He is petitioning the same City Council that he is a voting member of to take an unprecedented step so that he does not have to make a potentially tough call.

Hopefully, the council will receive these proponents with the same courtesy and good grace it shows all who appear in front of it and then give the petition, like any other kidnapping attempt, the treatment it deserves.

Neil B. Siegel


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