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Letter: The Frying Pan pumpkin fairy

The Frying Pan pumpkin fairy

I am a local from Basalt and I live on the Frying Pan Road. You can ask anyone on the Frying Pan about the pumpkins. I know the answer to these mysterious pumpkins. The answer is quite simple: the Pumpkin Fairy, as she is called. She comes along the road and sets up pumpkins for people to spot. This fairy secretly decorates your house around Halloween. Every time she has decorated my house, I am thrilled. Everyone loves this yearly tradition. So please I ask you to not stay up at night to watch to see if she comes, not that you wanted to, but leave this tradition be. My friends who live on the road including Ruby Haden and Lexi Mobray care for this tradition. So come up the Frying Pan and enjoy spotting the pumpkins.

Samantha Waller


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