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Letter: The environmental effects of construction

I went to http://www.pitkincountyconnect.com thinking that it would be a good place to state my thoughts. I did not expect a multiple-choice questionnaire. I do not think that it is a “forum” or a good way to solicit valuable guidance.

With all of these projects, there will be considerable upheaval of earth, concrete-breaking, manufacture and pouring and an enormous amount of fossil fuel consumed and corresponding greenhouse gases and other poisons released into the atmosphere and the environment.

Unfortunately, the state of Colorado has weak environmental laws regarding the amount of pollution allowed by construction — laws geared to a less wasteful age, when global warming was not known or even suspected and when projects generally took a few months from start to finish. The trend toward multimillion-dollar, multiyear projects is consuming resources and damaging the environment to the point that it is no longer rebounding.

It is time to rethink the way these projects are designed. It is time to require efficiency and emissions standards for heavy equipment. It is time to refuse to start those projects that are not absolutely critical to our health and safety.

Tim Murray


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