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Letter: The core of Shakespeare

We are lucky to have so many very talented people in our valley, but once in a while we come across an extraordinary artist. In this case, he is a maker of magic, a theatrical genius. Most of us know Lon Winston, founder and director of the Thunder River Theatre in Carbondale.

To experience the wonder of his vision for live theater, you only need to catch the production of “Hamlet” now being performed. It’s “Hamlet” as I and my husband have never before experienced. It’s not a “let’s just change the location and time period.”

Instead, it’s a “Hamlet” with all the layers peeled away, the guts and core of Shakespeare’s most well-known play. You don’t have to “suspend disbelief.” Instead, you’ll take an incredible journey into the best that art can bring to our lives.

Please, don’t miss “Hamlet.”

Roberta McGowan


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