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Letter: The ‘2’ in Base2

Base2: The “2” represents two glaring shortcomings of the project and the two significant reasons I will be voting “no” against Base2 on Nov. 3:

1. No employee housing.

2. No parking.

These are the two biggest issues our city faces with development and why they are requirements in the code.

I hear locals complain about employee and affordable housing and tourists complain about parking.

In 23 years of living and working in Aspen, I have never heard a tourist complain about a lack of affordable lodging in town. Most every tourist faces and complains about the lack of parking in town.

Increasingly, I have heard countless hardworking employees complaining about not being able to find employee or affordable housing in Aspen. This should be our primary priority for each and every project in town, as it is employees who keep businesses running.

There — I put my Base2 cents in!

Amy Rutkowski


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