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Letter: Thankful for Hoss

Thankful for Hoss

It was quite a shock when my wife and I read that Hoss Rakestraw had passed away.

Just a few weeks earlier, Hoss had called me to offer support and answer my questions about dialysis and the kidney transplant process. It was most comforting to speak with someone who was also living with kidney disease. It made me realize that there are other people in our valley who are living with diseases and who just go about their daily routine quietly facing the challenges. Some of them are alone in their struggle.

If you know of someone who is in this situation, reach out to them. Call, send a card, or drop by for a visit. Let them know you were thinking about them, as it will brighten their day. So many of my family, friends and colleagues have been in touch and it has made my journey easier. I am thankful to Hoss for taking the time to alleviate some of my fears and concerns. His thoughtfulness for me and my family was appreciated.

We’ll miss the gentle giant.

Pepper Gomes


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