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Letter: Thank You Kevin Wright

How fortunate our valley has been to have a such a committed individual fighting to preserve and educate the public about our most valuable resource: wildlife.

Scott Condon’s April 20 article (“Wildlife in the Aspen area is losing prime advocate,” A1) informing us of Kevin Wright’s retirement is bittersweet; some of

Kevin’s comments were heartbreaking. I too do not understand the continued demand for recreation that creates fragmentation of our backcountry for trails, seeming without regard for wildlife habitat and its wild places for birthing and rearing young.

Kevin’s blunt honesty about the total disregard for our black bear population by local government and residents was poignant and heart wrenching.

Good luck to you, Kevin. I can only hope you continue to be active and outspoken locally in preserving our local wildlife.

Sue Mozian


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