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Letter: Teachers should get priorities straight

The Katina Leatherby letter “Book opportunity was limited” (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, June 17) deserves my reply whether I address all her points or not.

The Basalt public school teachers:

1. Should have used their sheepskins (college-degree diplomas) to pick up the books and decide on their own how, when and where to give them out.

2. Should have had the decency and the noble character to “go the extra mile” in the tradition of their bygone common professional practice to do more than what’s called for, forgetting about paycheck or residency excuses.

3. Should have found the proposition to use jailhouse prisoners to help build their proposed Habit for Humanity-sponsored housing repugnant and against the “genocide convention.”

4. Should admit they need to get their priorities straight and be noble civic leaders instead of being mercenaries and publicly morally bankrupt.

As for you, Ms. Leatherby, the heavens recognized your noble character. You are applauded. Many will agree with me — isn’t that right?

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen

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