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Letter: Take the Bells into our own hands

Take the Bells into our own hands

The Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area is not owned by the federal government. It is managed by the federal government. If they can’t manage it at the present time, there are other options beside obeying this closure and being good boys and girls and doing what we are told. Who gave them this right?

I’m not suggesting we back up my old friend JW’s dump truck to the chain and ripe it out, like may have happened in the ‘60s.

Why is it OK for bicyclists and pedestrians to pee in the woods, but no one else? What if a biker has an accident or needs to use a cellphone and can’t call Mountain Rescue. Horrors!

If it’s OK to have limited use, let’s expand the limited use and allow the buses to go up and use the turn-around, truck up and maintain Porta Potties(maybe we can get some of those cute pink ones they use for the “cure” events).

We’ve been going to the Bells after 5 p.m. without the Forest Service involvement since they began restricted traffic there.

We have many loyal tourists and friends who look forward to seeing the Maroon Bells in its autumn splendor. There are federal workers who are working without pay. We can hire them temporarily from the Aspen chamber coffers or ask for volunteers from the community. I’ll volunteer. Who else is in?

There is no conflict. Win-win. Don’t be frustrated Joe, join the action.

Martin Horowitz


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