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Letter: Support Spellbinders

Support Spellbinders

As a teacher, I have so much to fit into my academic day, and in turn I ask a lot of my students. But the one thing I will not push to the side no matter what: It is my storyteller, Jackie Merrill’s time slot.

Spellbinders storytelling is my oasis of calm in a demanding, fast-paced teaching world. It is a moment when my class tunes into the timeless pleasure of hearing a story. In just 30 minutes, my class slows down. We connect with our humanity. We lean in and listen to a story unfold. We learn about real-life heroes, social issues and the truth within fables. We visualize the stories’ details, ride the arc of building tension, make meaningful world connections and learn new vocabulary. We engage in great discussions and forge cross-generational relationships. Spellbinders storytelling meets the standards and elevates them. The art of storytelling is a 21st century skill. Watch any high-powered TED talk and see which speakers shine and engage their audience — they are the storytellers. Give your children a moment to engage themselves in a powerful way. Log off the computer, and sign up for a Spellbinders storyteller.

Lisa Lawrence

Third-grade teacher, Aspen Elementary School

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