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Letter: Sue Franciose is the best choice

My husband and I have known Sue Franciose for six years. During that time, we have seen Sue work diligently in our community to help others. My husband is a physician, and I worked for years in critical care, trauma and oncology as a nurse. Sue’s medical background is impressive, and it does make a difference to have the experience and knowledge to assist families during their crisis and be qualified to answer the medical questions that come up. She did this during her 20 years of working in the medical field as a critical care nurse and as a cardiac perfusionist. She worked directly with organ/tissue transplants as a member of the harvest, transplant and research teams. She supports this program and wants to make sure that all registered donors have their chance to donate. She has made a difference in the community with her role with Eagle County Hospice, Salvation Army and the board at the Shaw Cancer Center, raising money to build Jack’s Place, a cancer-caring home, making sure that cancer patients have a place to stay and also raising money for the medical equipment the allows patients to receive their cancer treatment here in our county instead of going to Denver. When Sue sees an opportunity to make a difference in our community, she jumps in, and that’s why she is running for the coroner position. As a former deputy coroner, she sees what has been done and wants to do more. In addition to performing the job as coroner, she wants to make sure that all registered donors have the opportunity to donate, educate the community with preventative and informative topics, educate the deputy coroner’s and first responder groups and provide a brochure for the families of the deceased with important information and resources. She wants to take the position to a higher level. Go to http://www.suefranciose.com to see her background and vision. Please join us in voting for Sue Franciose.

Dawn and Frank Holmes


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