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Letter: Stop going to extremes

There is nothing so permanent as the temporary, and the Armory as City Hall was always supposed to be a temporary solution. Better to raze it to the ground than to keep the current building as City Hall. “Using what you have” and “using what you have wisely” are two different things.

Does that mean that the only possible City Hall alternative is one that our Referendum 1 brigade is so hell-bent to bash? No, it does not. We do not need to live in “all or nothing” extremes.

As usual for Aspen, there is not a shortage of cash, but there is a want of will. The deep insecurity of our representatives is so thick in the council chambers, it could butter your bricks.

Ask all of the applicants for the “old art museum” how they feel about being part of that process. I’m willing to bet it isn’t “Oh boy, let’s do that again — it was soon much fun!” The potential this small town has is unprecedented. We squander that potential daily. As with the Given Institute (yes, I’m still ticked off about that), the decision not to decide ensures the worst possible outcome.

Keep the Armory as City Hall, and all you do is kick the can down the road.

Ziska Childs


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