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Letter: Stop caving in to developers

Aspen City Council,

First, I want to thank you for the enormous amount of time you give serving this town — assuredly without sufficient remuneration.

Having said that, it’s my understanding that council members are elected to represent the people who elect them. Word has it that the council is considering accepting some issues which would be in defiance of both Referendum 1 as well as the recent voter petition whereby double the signatures needed were presented to City Hall to denounce the council’s acceptance of the Base2 project.

You remember how angry and disturbed voters were when the new Aspen Art Museum deal was made behind closed doors? Do you remember how angry and outraged voters were when Tony Hershey said he didn’t care if a petition had 10,000 signatures on it, he was going to do what he wanted?

I encourage you to respect the voice of the people who have spoken twice — both in Referendum 1 and the Base2 petition. It is not in anyone’s best interest for council to ignore the voice of the people, finding devious ways to approve development projects that the voters have indicated loudly that they don’t want.

Just as locals don’t carry the responsibility of making sure all local florists or hairdressers make a living in Aspen, we also don’t carry the responsibility that all developers make a living in Aspen!

Kindly rein in your construction project approvals to coincide with what the voters of Aspen have declared they want.

Susan C. O’Neal


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