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Letter: Steer clear of manhole covers

Steer clear of manhole covers

I just learned something that is very disturbing. I am sure you and your readers have, while driving, often (too often) hit manhole covers and valve boxes that are one or two or more inches below the road paving.

Now, why is this disturbing? An automotive expert, a reliable source, after considerable research, has concluded that each time one or more wheels hits a below-grade manhole cover or valve box, it takes 15 seconds off the life of your vehicle. The expert states this damage is unnecessary because there are inexpensive extension rims that can bring manhole covers and valve boxes up to grade.

I would hope that this letter will be printed and read by the road maintenance departments in our beautiful valley. Car owners can see the life of their cars extended.

I notice that this problem exists in some locations in Snowmass Village on Brush Creek Road. Road maintenance departments – do the right thing and save our vehicles.

Thank you very much.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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