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Letter: Squirming after Squirm Night

After Squirm Night, the Aspen Daily News writes, “The candidates were direct in answering the slate of questions, but their demeanors showed the differing personalities, with Torre exuding exuberance and Skadron, a more pensive countenance”

That’s an understatement!

What I saw in Steve was awkward at best. His body language spoke to a lack of interest in being there. The answers Steve did give were “not the best politically” or “the political” answer, as he repeatedly said. I found Steve’s answers as unclear as his “pensive countenance”

What I saw in Torre was a candidate answering questions directly and rebuking Lauren Glendenning’s dig. She obviously doesn’t know or understand Torre’s energy level and passion. In the many years I’ve known Torre, he’s never been an unprepared person. Those who know Torre understand his level of engagement and passion and got a laugh from that question.

I do want to thank both Torre and Steve for making me squirm and some good questions from Curtis Wackerle and Lauren.

Kevin Curtin


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