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Letter: Speak up for the dogs

Speak up for the dogs

This is a plea for all those employees and guests who allegedly have witnessed the unethical, inhumane abuse to dogs occurring at Krabloonik Dogsledding over the past 30 years to immediately come forward and officially report what you’ve seen to the Snowmass Police Department and Town of Snowmass Village Council.

The inhumane actions at Krabloonik are finally getting the attention deserved. And, according to Snowmass officials, all that is needed to turn this situation around once and for all is for those first-hand eyewitnesses to this alleged abuse to step up to the appropriate authorities with official reports.

In memory and respect for the dogs that allegedly have been abused, maimed and killed at Krabloonik Dogsledding over the past 30 years, and in compassion for the dogs still living and working at Krabloonik, please take this opportunity and invitation to speak up for the dogs by making official reports.

It is the critical step toward putting an end to this animal abuse in our midst forever.

Ricki Newman


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