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Letter: Sorbetto and sorbet: A dangerous difference

I feel the obligation to write this letter to possibly prevent someone from getting very sick.

If you look in the dictionary under “sorbetto or sorbet,” you will see that it says it’s made of frozen fruit juice or flavored water and sugar. I took my lactose-intolerant sister-in-law to Paradise Bakery to try its sorbetto. After tasting it, she declared it delicious but said it was too creamy to be sorbetto. She then asked someone behind the counter if the sorbetto contained dairy and was told that only one of the sorbetto flavors out of three or four was dairy free. We suggested to the manager that she speak to the owners about posting a sign telling patrons which one was dairy-free. We stopped in a few weeks later and no sign. We were told that a sign would not be posted since they haven’t had a problem yet, so it wasn’t necessary.

Paradise Bakery may have made someone sick and not known it. Many parents, expecting sorbetto to be dairy-free, may not be asking the question and may not make the connection between what they thought was a dairy-free treat and their sick kid. Put up a sign, and eliminate that possibility.

Rose Weissman


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