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Letter: Some bear-inspired thorns

Thorns to the people crowding around the poor black bear in the alley that has been making headlines, including the off-duty police deputy! I can’t believe a police deputy in Aspen would go up to a bear in an alley — from what I understand, people were crowding around the alley with the bear in it and then at some point she walked through the alley — and now the poor bear is going to be killed when it comes back.

And thorns to the restaurants that didn’t have proper bear-proof garbage containers. More thorns to whoever was quoted in the paper saying that the bear needed to be euthanized because it is not afraid of humans. Actually the bear is indeed afraid of humans — it was defending itself after this scary ordeal with humans crowding around it, and it was incredibly frightened! People in this town should know better. We are doing to the bears exactly what we did to the Ute people! Shame, shame, shame.

Jessica Davis


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