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Letter: Sister of Aspen resident needs a kidney

Sister of Aspen resident needs a kidney

Attention caring citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley,

I need a kidney for a very special person: my sister. She is currently in the same position I was in over 14 years ago. Fortunately, in my situation, I found an exceptional lady in London, and she answered my online plea. She gave me, a total stranger, the gift of life — one of her kidneys. We continue to stay close friends.

Now, as the result of a genetic kidney disorder in my family PKD, I need to find another special angel to save my sister’s life. You can help this loving, caring woman by contacting an organization named “Renewal” in Brooklyn, New York at 718-431-9831 or through their email address R745@renewal.org. Please reference my sister, Dr. Anita Rosenfield, Sedona, Arizona, or you may call me at 970-948-0530. We both thank you in advance for your extraordinary gift of life.

Larry Rosenfield


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