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Letter: Shark cull needs to be

I am writing today to spread the word about an issue I feel is important. There is a cull in Western Australia occurring where sharks are being hunted and killed. Up until recently, white sharks were listed as endangered in Australia. The government, in response to recent rising shark attacks, decided to lift the ban on white shark hunting.

Not only white sharks but tiger sharks, as well, have been hunted down and butchered pointlessly, their bodies being tossed back into the sea. Science has shown that shark attacks are random occurrences, and there is not a significant rising threat to Australian beachgoers. The Australian government is ignoring scientific research and instead having a knee-jerk reaction to a small rise in attacks. The shark cull in Western Australia is wrong. Sharks are integral to the ocean ecosystem and should not be hunted and killed for counterproductive purposes.

I urge all Australian citizens visiting Aspen to be vocal advocates in shark protection when they go home.

Sander Elliott

Age 14, Aspen

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