Letter (Sept. 6): Is striking Syria the answer? | AspenTimes.com

Letter (Sept. 6): Is striking Syria the answer?

Is striking Syria the answer?

Dear Editor:

President Eisenhower warned against the military industrial complex. Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria? Pattern?

Before launching hundreds of $1.4 million-plus Tomahawk cruise missiles into a hornet’s nest, developed by our billionaire neighbors from Chicago, whose Aspen Skiing Co. banned the Aspen Daily News and the song “Big Monday” from public lands similar to the U.S. military’s recent censorship of the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper worldwide, Congress might want to rethink this.

Have these limousine liberals forgotten that our nation used to embrace things like freedom of the press?

If among the international community, including the U.N. Security Council, only the frogs are with us, whose 20th-century military prowess is well-known, is this crony capitalism/big government gone amok?

Lee Mulcahy


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