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Letter (Sept. 5): Dirt slinging

Dirt slinging

Dear Editor:

Ms. Su Lum’s “Slumming” column had a title with meaningful character with literary symbolism punch, “Lum: Let them eat dirt” (Aug. 27, The Aspen Times).

Ms. Lum wrote that there are “a couple of disgruntled women in town. … The issue of selfishness aside, these are both blatant examples of presumed entitlement … creeping privilege …”

Well, one of the disgruntled women Ms. Lum pointed out is Susan O’Neal.

I thought about “let them eat dirt” and thought about the Georgia red dirt that people eat in Georgia. Then I pictured Susan O’Neal eating the Georgia red dirt.

She may not be from Georgia, but she can’t hide her roots. Eat up, honey, because there’s lots of Georgia red dirt that you are entitled to eat to keep you satisfied.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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