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Letter (Sept. 4): Keep Crown all outdoors

Keep Crown all outdoors

Dear Editor:

I would encourage voters in the Crown Mountain Recreation District to vote against the proposed recreation center juggernaut and keep the park a park. The site provides outdoor recreation and open space as it currently stands, and we already have two taxes to service the work to date.

The massive construction project would bring a road with all area traffic into the heart of the park and erect a 60,000-plus-square-foot temple to operating subsidies for perpetuity. The Crown Mountain board needs to hear a strong voice to bury these plans and instead focus on keeping children playing outdoors, people of all ages walking and playing outdoors, and restoring the ecological values of the site.

One of the few good ideas in the proposal is expansion of senior services, and that can be accommodated in an already-planned for expansion of the existing Eagle County building.

Vote “no” on the Crown Mountain industrial recreation proposal. Keep the park a park.

Robert Schultz


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