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Letter (Sept. 3): Moved by Aspen’s compassion

Moved by Aspen’s compassion

Dear Editor:

This letter can never express my gratitude enough to the kind people in your city and how they helped my family and I this past week.

While driving through your beautiful city, my husband suffered heart problems and passed away, and without these people’s help I am not sure what I would have done. I would like to send out my sincerest thanks to people at the Aspen visitors’ center and the Aspen Police and EMS departments for doing all they could. I would also like to thank all of the staff at the Aspen Valley Hospital for their kindness, especially Joe High, their patient representative who went above and beyond the call of duty and who helped beyond measure.

Joe was an angel who introduced me to Pam Fisher, another angel herself, who also was invaluable in her help to me and my family. These two are a prime example of how a random act of kindness to a stranger can have a lasting effect, and in that I thank them from the depths of my heart.

Without the kindness of strangers on my journey through Aspen, I am not sure how I would have gotten through that tough time. Thank you is not enough, but I say it from the bottom of my heart, as does my family.

Doreen Byerley and Family

Bandera, Texas

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