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Letter (Sept. 3): A royal pain

A royal pain

Dear Editor:

It is painfully apparent that Shvachko and Sedoy bought the wrong place to live. Restaurant Row is well established as a lively entertainment area in a tourist town.

They obviously have the means to buy a home in any one of the many quiet neighborhoods in and around Aspen. Perhaps they think they have bought the town and are now the king and queen of Restaurant Row, ready and willing to oppress the serfs and peasants who work very hard to make a living with their businesses. Not to mention denying entry access to the people who live in, what I guess, they consider to be “their building.”

If they were, in fact, misled by the realtor who represented their purchase, he should be spanked and the issue should be addressed so that all of the folks who have their homes there retain their entry rights, as they are accustomed to. I believe it is time to send a message to people like Shvachko and Sedoy: “Make better choices and leave the good people in peace to live their lives.”

Karon Lundy


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