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Letter: Science Sunday’s at Jimmy’s a success

Science Sundays at Jimmy’s a success

Science is creative discovery. It’s playing and getting some things wrong while thinking about why. On Sunday from noon to 4 will be the last of the science series this spring, and it’s focused on restaurant science, I cannot wait to see what the science center “cooks” up!

Both my teenage sons are volunteering with the Aspen Science Center for their Science Sundays at Jimmy’s Restaurant. For my younger son, it fulfills a community commitment, but both are doing it because they are having fun. Last Sunday they watched soap and marshmallows blow up like a balloon in the microwave, and, not missing a beat, turned them into s’mores. My younger son figured out how to create a circuit with conductive paint — maybe one day he’ll figure out how to improve upon this and create something we can’t even imagine yet.

Thanks Science Center!

Lisa Bush


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