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Letter: Science is on Jimmy’s menu

Science is on Jimmy’s menu

What do you imagine when I say the word “science?” Textbooks? Memorizing names and numbers? Lab coats? Dissecting owl pellets? Don’t be limited, because science is not! It’s about curiosity and exploring our world. The national push for STEM education includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and we all need to realize these concepts of science are in almost everything we interact with on a daily basis. Think about it! Come experience it.

The Aspen Science Center and Jimmy’s restaurant invite the community to three Science Sundays at Jimmy’s, beginning at noon on Sunday May 4, May 11 and May 18. These are family events with something fun, hands-on, and instructive for all ages.

Topics on Sunday 4 are Preservatives, supersaturation and density. On May 11 learn about robotics, electricity and magnetics; and on May 18 explore restaurant science, including cookies, taste, eggs and more, followed (of course) by the science of cocktails!

Pre-register at http://www.aspensciencecenter.org

Jackie Francis

Executive director, Aspen Science Center

Mike Simmons

Chair, Aspen Science Center

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