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Letter: Say ‘no’ to greedheads and dirt pimps

I wanted to get my two cents in — I arrived in Aspen in fall 1971, and at that time there was a very vocal and contentious debate raging in town concerning the direction that growth and development was trying to take the future of Aspen’s downtown. The whole town, actually.

Hunter Thompson and Tom Benton vocally represented the side that wanted to keep the greedheads and dirt pimps away from the wrath they intended to inflict on what was left from the old mining days. That battle line was secured by the Aspen voters when they decided that there had to be a limit on what got built.

Now, 40-plus years later, the city fathers are still being attacked with project after project that promises the same old stuff about how their project is different and a great benefit to the community. It drives me crazy that we’re still constantly having to fight these greedheads 40 years later because greed never sleeps. To make matters worse, even some of the present City Council doesn’t have a clue what the ramifications of their laissez-faire attitude concerning growth will be!

That’s why I’m begging the electorate to take the opportunity in this spring election to make sure that the pro-growth councilman and the pro-growth mayor do not get re-elected. Vote for Referendum 1 to stop every developer from harassing the council with requests for variances.

Mark P. Hesselschwerdt


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