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Letter: Say ‘no’ to Four Seasons

To all appointed and elected officials in Aspen and Pitkin County: Let’s put this Four Seasons proposal in the garbage where it belongs.

Please keep Shadow Mountain zoned residential. Does Aspen really want hundreds of extra cars a day entering the S-curve from West Hopkins? I don’t care about possible design changes and empty promises about mitigating traffic. This hotel would generate tons of traffic. It would change the character of the neighborhood. Hotel shuttles on West Hopkins Avenue? Really? The city diligently works to create pedestrian and biking avenues. A huge hotel there would ruin that vibe. While I am venting, let me include a critique of the often-referenced Aspen Area Community Plan. I am tired of hearing how much the town hates change, growth and construction, yet it somehow has a love affair with hotel development. These drastically conflicting goals expressed in the community plan need to be readdressed. You can’t have it both ways.

Lance Lary


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