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Letter: Save the pass

Save the pass

Is nothing sacred in Aspen any longer? Now, the new director of the lndependence Pass Foundation, Karin Teague, wants to “beautify” lndependence Pass.

Can we leave nothing alone and natural in this beautiful area? Does this pristine pass need more activity — i.e., kiosks, formal parking areas (this is the turnaround for oversized vehicles), peak-finder signs so more people can pull over in dangerous locations, guided tours? Please. What are we trying to achieve — another Yellowstone? Just look what has happened at the Maroon Bells and all the activity up there now. If you want to do a little cleanup, let’s start with removing the new garbage can. Now everyone is leaving their trash all around it when it’s full. What a mess.

I feel all the work done over the years with Mark Fuller at the helm has been wonderful and very much needed. But that was repairs and restoration to make travel safer for all and not meant to encourage extra, unnecessary automobiles and congestion.

I am writing to encourage prudence with reasonable cleanup and repairs and not overdevelopment focusing on unnecessary use of our gorgeous pass, of which we all are stewards.

Save and protect the pass.

Patty Simpson


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