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Letter: Rupert for school board

I urge Roaring Fork School District voters to support Jen Rupert for school board in the upcoming mail-in-ballot election in early November. Rupert is everything we need and more; she is well-positioned in the community to foster connections, she cares about the outcomes for all students and sees our rich diversity as an asset, she has a child in our public schools, she has the time to commit, and she is a proponent of the district’s strategic plan.

Though we have qualified candidates running for election this year, I feel strongly we need more women on a school board that traditionally has lacked this representation. Not only are the majority of Roaring Fork School District parent volunteers women, but the vast majority of staff is, as well. Let’s have a more balanced representation at the school board level.

Don’t forget: All voters in the Roaring Fork School District vote for all school board seats. This is a mail-in-ballot-only election, and ballots must be received by Nov. 3. Please join me in voting for Jen Rupert!

Erika Leavitt


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