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Letter: Round 3

Carl Heck ought to be alerted. Someone has hijacked his email and is sending letters (Dec. 19, The Aspen Times) under his name, commenting on a letter I wrote but not actually discussing the subject of my letter. The letter sent over in Mr. Heck’s name ruminated about whether I accept Medicare and Social Security. Proudly I do. And I thank my fellow American taxpayers for the financial contributions they make toward those programs. (The subject of my letter was expressing gratitude for public largesse.)

At the same time, I thank my good fortune in being able to pay higher income taxes than 95 percent of the rest of the country, so I can pay my own way and that of many others. A lot more, in fact, than I receive from Medicare and Social Security.

I am confident that if Mr. Heck wrote a letter on point he also would thank others who pay taxes that help him. He needn’t thank me.

Maurice Emmer


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