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Letter: Rogue skier needs to go

Rogue skier needs to go

Ajax skiers, the other afternoon I was nearly slammed in what could have been a serious accident just above Kleenex Corner. A jerk was straight-lining at 50-plus mph and missed me by less than 5 feet. He yelled at me for my getting in his way as he ripped by. (I was skiing with moderate speed and with easily predictable turns.)

He was wearing light blue ski pants, a hat and goggles, and he was skiing on black and orange skis. Watch out for this guy.

By chance I saw him later in the day. I politely confronted him, intending to make him aware that a couple of years ago a woman/wife/mother of two kids was killed in a collision at Kleenex Corner by a similarly inconsiderate and reckless skier.

The jerk had no time for me. Here’s what he said when I politely asked him if he might have been the skier who almost knocked me down.

“Probably(!)… but so what(!) … are you the speed controller on Aspen Mountain? Dude, go ski at Buttermilk!”

We must turn in these bad apples. Here’s what Aspen ski patrol urges us to do: First, mark the number of the chair or gondola that they get on; next, report the incident to ski patrol. Ski patrol will then nab them at the top of the lift.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village

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