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Letter: Rickstrew for CMC

Rickstrew for CMC

You will soon be receiving your mail-in ballot and I encourage you to cast your vote for Jay Rickstrew as trustee for Colorado Mountain College.

I watched Mr. Rickstrew as he served on the Garfield School District Re-2 school board for eight years; six of those years he served as president of the school board.

During his time on the school board, he proved his dedication to the students, staff and community. Mr. Rickstrew has the ability to see the big picture, be a forward thinker, and understand the complexities of the challenges facing education.

During his time on the board, the board was faced with many difficult choices. Mr. Rickstrew always faced those decisions with compassion, empathy, and most of all, with a vision of what was best for the stakeholders.

Jay Rickstrew is a strong leader who understands and upholds board policies and legal requirements, and knows how to be a positive board member working to build consensus. He understands the role of a board member in setting high goals and helping support the organization in reaching those goals.

Jay has deep ties to and love for western Garfield County. He understands the values and needs of the people of western Garfield County and will serve us well.

Please vote for Jay Rickstrew for trustee of Colorado Mountain College.

Susan Birdsey


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