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Letter: RFTA’s priorities out of line

RFTA’s priorities out of line

So, the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority wants to pay thousands of dollars per year for people to drive their electric cars to park-and-rides (and charge their batteries for free). But RFTA won’t let its bus drivers stop at already existing pull-offs on Highway 82 and let residents of Water View and Pitkin Iron off the bus so they don’t have to drive their cars to those park-and-ride lots?

RFTA will pay tens of thousands of dollars for aesthetically pleasing but utterly useless “dinosaur eggs,” but it won’t pay to put in safe bus stops on Highway 82 for Water View or Pitkin Iron residents?

Maybe RFTA should refocus its attention on safety and not so much on blowing taxpayers’ money on the aesthetics of big bus stops and subsidizing the transportation costs for those who can afford shiny new electric cars.

Chris Lundgren


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