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Letter: Reward and responsibility for dog owners

To all dog owners that love to walk/hike their furry friends off-leash like we do:

We have huge support and flexibility in parts of the valley to take our dogs on long off-leash walks.

We want to keep this support, so please recognize that with flexibility comes responsibility.

In all areas: T-Lazy 7, Tiehack, Snowmass, Highlands, Wink Jaffe park, the Aspen and Snowmass golf courses, Independence pass, etc. It is our responsibility to keep our dogs under control and to clean up after them.

It is so much fun to watch our dogs run, play and be free on off-leash walks. It is not fun or healthy to walk/ski over, through or past their excrement.

It is a freedom to not be attached to our dogs by leash and we are lucky to have the opportunity afforded by different owners and operators.

For the sake of dogs and owners everywhere in the valley: Please keep your dogs under control and please pick up after them. If we don’t, then we cannot be surprised if or when the rules change!

Katie Ertl and Megan Bourke

Dog lovers

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