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Letter: Rescue tortoises should have rights, too

In response to Molly Weiner’s letter (“Turtle ad is misleading,” Aug. 20, The Aspen Times), I want to say: Molly, you are not alone. Many people have noted that these are rescued tortoises.

But why is it OK to mistreat rescued animals? I personally have a rescue dog and two rescue cats. I feel I have a higher duty of care toward these fellow beings, as their lives pre-rescue were a bit grim. I want to make it up to them and ensure they have a happy life going forward. If you adopted a child from a bad situation, wouldn’t you be so careful to give that child the best life possible?

Rescuing the tortoises does not give the Aspen Art Museum the right to mistreat them! Please consider joining the 6,442 petitioners on Change.org in asking the museum to stop this immediately.

Bronwyn Anglin


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