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Letter: Represent the people, not the developers

There have been myriad articles and letters about Mark Hunt and the Base2 Lodge. I think more needs to be said about allowing one man and company to change the face of Aspen.

Why does the City Council give this wealthy group permission to color outside the lines? Why allow anyone to build buildings that don’t fit the standards that are part of Aspen regulations, no matter what he promises? Hunt and a few other developers are changing the old fashioned low skyline look of Aspen and homogenizing it into a town filled with empty designer stores, buildings that are too big for their sites and are in a modern, glass-fronted style instead of in the architectural look of the historical town. What makes this town so lovely is disappearing into development schemes that enrich a few but don’t suit the majority of the people who live here.

It would be a travesty if Aspen continues to lose its character due to the short sightedness of a governing group who have to be overturned by voters. They are supposed to represent the people of Aspen, but they don’t seem to really care what the populace wants. We now have a museum that is way too big for the town, another large building going up right down the street from the museum, and a move toward building a city instead of a small town. This is not why people move here. It’s time the council memebers recognize that they are there as representatives of the people, not puppets of rich developers.

Beth Weissman


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