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Letter: Rec center will bring year-round life to midvalley

It was a rainy downpour 15 minutes before the outdoor event kick-off barbecue for the new indoor Mid Valley Recreation Center began.

With hair-sopping wet and a light drizzle throughout the kick-off, the grill was hot enough to serve 248 hot dogs and hamburgers to those Mid Valley Recreation Center supporters brave enough to face the cold rain.

The biggest question of the night: Exactly where is the indoor recreation center going to be located on the property?

As you head into the park, on the right hand side of the road, you will notice an empty piece of land with lots of weeds in it. That is the spot where the new indoor recreation center is going to be built.

The green spaces and playing fields of the park will not change. The beautiful park will remain a beautiful park and those community members wanting a warm and dry place to continue their summer lifestyles can continue when the rain and snow are falling.

Thank you all for making this event a true community event!

Toni Kronberg


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