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Letter: Rec center math doens’t lie

Rec center math doesn’t lie

It’s a little frustrating to see all of these tax numbers being thrown around in the midvalley rec center debate.

A $5.51 tax hike is insignificant to all of us. That’s the headline figure in this story. Well, if everyone wants to be up-front and transparent, let’s get real here: $5.51 is the monthly increase for the rec center for $100,000 of property. No one pays a monthly tax bill so let’s do some reality math. This amounts to around $66 for a $100,000 house. Does anyone in this valley live in a house valued at $100,000? OK, so get real: $165 increase for a $250,000 home, $330 for a $500,000 home, $660 for a $1 million home, every year.

Is it worth it? Let the voters decide.

Bruce Gabow


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